Change the lock screen program

Configure Regolith to use a lockscreen other than gnome-flashback.

1. Configure gnome-flashback to Disable Built-in Lockscreen

By default gnome-flashback handles the lockscreen for Regolith. This can be adjusted by modifying it's configuration via the gsettings command line program:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-flashback screensaver false

2. Cause Your Lockscreen program to Run from i3 Keybinding

Specify the following override line in your ~/.config/regolith/Xresources file (substituting to the command you wish to use for the screenlock):


For example, assuming you have i3lock installed:

$ echo "i3-wm.program.lock: /usr/bin/i3lock" >> ~/.config/regolith/Xresources

Zuletzt geändert November 25, 2020: Add howto for changing the lockscreen (c57c9b1f)