All Regolith Xresource key definitions
Xresource Key Description
St.color0 - St.color15 Color definitions for terminal
St.font Font definition for st-term
Xcursor.size X cursor size
Xcursor.theme X cursor theme
Xft.antialias X anti-alias flag
Xft.dpi X DPI setting
Xft.hinting X hinting
Xft.hintstyle X hint style
Xft.rgba X rgb setting
gnome.gtk.theme GTK Theme
gnome.icon.theme GTK Icon Theme
gnome.terminal.audible-bell Enables audible bell in gnome-terminal (true | false)
gnome.terminal.background-transparency-percent Background transparency value for gnome-terminal (0 - 100). See also gnome.terminal.use-transparent-background.
gnome.terminal.font Font definition for gnome-terminal
gnome.terminal.scrollbar Flag to enable/disable scrollbar (never | always)
gnome.terminal.use-transparent-background Enables transparent background in gnome-terminal (true | false). See also gnome.terminal.background-transparency-percent.
gnome.wallpaper GNOME Wallpaper (can be overridden in Settings)
gnome.wm.theme GNOME Window Manager Theme (unused)
i3-wm.alt Key mapping for Alt key. See the i3 User Guide for details.
i3-wm.bar.background.color Bar Background Color
i3-wm.bar.font Bar Font
i3-wm.bar.position Bar Screen Position
i3-wm.bar.separator.color Color of seperator between blocks
i3-wm.bar.trayoutput Enable or disable the app tray in i3bar
i3-wm.floatingwindow.border.size Window border size in pixels for floating windows
i3-wm.font Window manager font
i3-wm.gaps.inner.size Default gap size between windows in pixels
i3-wm.gaps.outer.size Default gap size at screen edge in pixels
i3-wm.mod Key mapping for Super key. See the i3 User Guide for details.
i3-wm.window.border.size Default border size in pixels
i3-wm.workspace.01.name .. i3-wm.workspace.19.name Workspace Labels
i3-wm.workspace.01.key .. i3-wm.workspace.10.key Workspace Shortucts
i3xrocks.action.volume.left Command to execute when volume indicator is left clicked (default: none)
i3xrocks.action.volume.middle Command to execute when volume indicator is middle clicked (default: none)
i3xrocks.action.volume.right Command to execute when volume indicator is right clicked (default: mute through amixer)
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrollup Command to execute when scroll wheel up is used on volume indicator (default: increase volume through amixer)
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrolldn Command to execute when scroll wheel down is used on volume indicator (default: decrease volume through amixer)
i3xrocks.error.color Color for bar module in error mode
i3xrocks.label.battery0 Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery100 Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery20 Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery50 Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery80 Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batteryac Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batterycharging Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batteryunknown Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.capslock Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.color Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.cpu Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.disk Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.dn Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.help Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.mediapaused Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.mediaplaying Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.memory Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.mute Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.error Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.none Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.some Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.numlock Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.off Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.on Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.sound Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.thermometer Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.time Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.up Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.wifi Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.wired Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.nominal Default bar icon color
i3xrocks.value.color Color of numerical value in bar module
i3xrocks.value.font Font for numerical value in bar module
i3xrocks.warning Warning color for bar module
rofi.drun-display-format Fields to render in drun mode in Rofi
rofi.icon-theme Rofi icon theme
rofi.font Rofi font
rofi.modi Rofi modes
rofi.show-icons true if the Rofi dialog should render app icons, false otherwise
rofi.theme Path to the Rofi theme file

Optional Xresource keys

The following Xresource keys are undefined by default but can be used by users to change behavior as desired.

Xresource Key Description
rofi.search.help Show help text on the file search dialog, defaults to true
rofi.search.limit Total number of items to return from an mlocate search, default: 64
i3-wm.gaps.focus_follows_mouse The window under the mouse has focus if enabled
i3-wm.program.launcher.app Command i3 executes from the app launcher keybinding
i3-wm.program.launcher.cmd Command i3 executes from the command launcher keybinding
i3-wm.program.launcher.window Command i3 executes for the window navigation keybinding
i3-wm.program.help Command to launch from the help keybinding
i3-wm.program.file_search Command to launch from the file search keybinding
i3-wm.program.refresh_ui Command to launch from the session refresh keybinding
i3-wm.program.logout Command to launch from the logout keybinding
i3-wm.program.reboot Command to launch from the reboot keybinding
i3-wm.program.shutdown Command to launch from the shutdown keybinding
i3-wm.program.lock Command to launch from the lock screen keybinding
i3-wm.program.sleep Command to launch from the sleep keybinding
i3-wm.program.settings Command to launch from the Control Panel keybinding
i3-wm.program.display Command to launch from the Display Settings keybinding
i3-wm.program.wifi Command to launch from the Wifi Settings keybinding
i3-wm.program.bluetooth Command to launch from the Bluetooth Settings keybinding
i3-wm.program.files Command to launch from the file browser keybinding
i3-wm.program.notification_ui Command to launch from the notification UI keybinding
i3-wm.program.1…i3-wm.program.3 Optional programs to start with i3
i3xrocks.media-player.player-args Optional arguments used by the media-player i3xrocks block. These arguments are fed straight into playerctl, eg. setting this value to -p spotify only makes the bar display/control spotify.

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